Life after First Meet: Pellichoopulu

Review for the movie: Pellichoopulu (Telugu)  [English: Matchmaking]


Director: Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam

Production: Raj Kandukuri
BiG Ben Films

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda as Prashanth
Ritu Varma as Chitra
Nandu (watch the movie to know the character)
Priyadarshi Pullikonda as Kaushik
Abhay Bethiganti as Vishnu
Anish Kuruvilla as Businessman
Kedar Shankara as Prashant’s Father
Padmaja Lanka as Prashanth’s Mother
Gururaj Manepalli as Chitra’s Father
Sujata as Chitra’s Mother

Music: Vivek Sagar

Plot:  Prashanth, an Engineer (with great difficulty) is a lazy, irresponsible guy who doesn’t like working. He has passion towards cooking and dreams of opening a restaurant. On the other hand, Chitra is a well focused MBA graduate who dreams of going to Australia for higher studies. Both are needed to cross the barricade (their respective fathers’) and make money to reach their goals. When Idea rich Chitra and Chef in making Prashanth meet and encounter a series of errors, what happens to the matchmaking? Well you need to watch the movie to know.

The Story is based on the True Events of Siddhanth Sawkar, Gauthami Shankar and their The Spitfire BBQ Truck.

My Say: The movie is a very well made Barbecue.!

I don’t think anybody other than Vijay and Ritu could have done justice to this movie, they expressed each scene so well with great chemistry. Both are Charming. The support cast were equally good. Music and BGM were soothing and refreshing. Cinematography was good. Editing takes care of almost everything well. Locations were aptly chosen. Costumes and props were simple and effective.

This movie has a good blend of Sadness, Joy, Anger, Frustration. The pace at which Tharun has narrated the story is just right, nowhere you feel dragged or fast forwarded. Humour scenes make you laugh genuinely. One gets completely glued to the movie. Best part, no song sequence, dance or such drama; fight scenes too find a miss here. Thank you Tharun for keeping the movie simple and perfect. After Anukokunda, this movie will take him many levels higher.

You must Definitely head out to the nearest Screen and watch this movie. I’m sure you’ll love it, live it. If you are going with family, this movie will increase your bonding. This is one movie perfect for a sunny afternoon or a rainy evening or even a lazy morning! 😛

Afterall, Life is all about Love, Care and Food! 😀


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