Love at Melting Point: Lindt

Recently, a friend of mine got this this box (generally used as a gift pack) of Lindt 20 Mini Pralines.


Love happens at every sight and bite…. This Blue glossy box looks classy! The packaging is sturdy, has a nice carton sheet inside to avoid choco from dislocation.

You remove the sheet and ta da…. again fall in love with the 10 beautiful shapes and designs of choco. The chocolates just melt on your tongue, a perfecto!! yummm… Rich flavor of cocoa and milk takes you to a higher abode… 😉 At 50% completion rate of the box, I I’m trying hard to save for the days to come, while its a literal fight over the craving 😛

These are one of the best pralines I have had.. Right amount of Sugar, cocoa and cream.!

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